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5 Benefits of Hiring an IT Solutions Company

IT Solutions Meeting

5 Benefits of Hiring an IT Solutions Company


IT solutions companies aren’t just nice add-ons for budding enterprises. Instead, they are essential elements of a successful strategy. Overlooking them can be a disaster for all but the most rudimentary businesses. 

Unfortunately, 87% of firms say they have gaps in their IT teams with only 60% outsourcing app development across sectors. Therefore, the need for these services is higher than ever before. 

This article explores the benefits of hiring an IT solutions company. We look at what doing so brings to the table, how it boosts efficiency, and how it can future-proof your enterprise. 


Choosing the Right IT Solutions Provider

But first, how do you choose the right IT solutions so you can experience the benefits? 

Fortunately, the task isn’t as challenging as you might imagine. Forbes found that IT services & consultancy was among the highest-rated of any industry, with 95% of respondents reporting decent service (falling just one point shy of real estate agents). 

However, you can increase your odds of a happy outcome by applying the following tips: 

  • Research the provider. Look for reviews of their IT services online, probing the details to see the level of quality offered. You can also look for referrals from other businesses. Direct recommendations are often best. 
  • Check their experience. Ensure the IT solutions provider has adequate experience in your vertical. Don’t hire companies without expertise in your sector if it is heavily regulated (such as healthcare). 
  • Look for qualifications among team members. Staff should have certifications for specific systems, including Cisco, Microsoft Teams, etc. Check for these as professional qualifications are not a legal requirement in the industry before offering services
  • Check their service portfolio aligns with your needs. Ensure the pricing structure is right for your firm and you can access the broad swathe of benefits they offer. 
  • Consider value for money. IT solutions companies should seek ways to reduce costs to you. 
  • Check for free consultations. Quality outfits will always get to know you first before asking you to commit to a contract or subscription. 
  • Compare support levels. Ensure the IT solutions provider offers sufficient service for your enterprise’s needs. Some firms require once-a-week assistance while others need twenty-four-seven monitoring. 


The Benefits Of IT Solutions

IT Solutions Presentation
IT Solutions Presentation


So, what are the main benefits of using IT solutions services? Here’s a rundown: 

Streamlining Operations with IT Solutions

The most immediate benefit of IT solutions for most firms is streamlined operations. Automation and network improvements can make workers up to 90% more productive

IT solutions streamline operations in numerous ways. For example, implementations can boost workflow by connecting departments and systems for smoother information flow. Solutions liberate staff from information silos and allow them to work more holistically. Enhanced data management stores and transmits documents, reducing friction and improving decision-making. 

Cloud-based implementations are also useful. These eliminate the requirement for costly on-site hardware and maintenance. Communication and collaboration between team members are more straightforward because any device can access requisite information, not just in-office terminals. 

Lastly, IT solutions can streamline operations with enhanced IT by improving security and reliability. Providers monitor systems and act preemptively to stop emerging threats from causing outages. Using IT solutions providers to streamline operations is particularly valuable in today’s business environment. Research by Opengear shows that 91% of global businesses experience network outages quarterly, costing between $2,500 and $5,000 per minute of disruption. Therefore, resilience is vital, letting staff continue to work without interruption, allowing them to complete projects and talk to customers when convenient. 


Future-Proofing Your Business with IT Solutions

Another benefit of using IT solutions is their capacity to future-proof your business. Agencies can suggest ways to improve your existing methods, making your operations more agile. For example, service providers might propose moving operations to the cloud, which can increase productivity by an estimated 13%. Services might also recommend changing your on-site equipment to manage fluctuating demand or respond to new opportunities. 

Embracing innovation is the core of the most successful and helpful IT solutions. Providers look for interventions that streamline collaboration and assist with work across departments. Furthermore, they ask how they can use technology to move your company culture in your preferred direction. You can leverage them to develop effective strategies already proven to work in other businesses in your niche. 


Customizing IT Solutions for Your Business

Another critical benefit of IT solutions is their ability to customize services to your business’s requirements. Tailored solutions are vastly more effective than off-the-shelf software. 

Customizations can take various forms, including: 

  • Improvements to the employee experience of interacting with the network. Workers can enjoy speedier response times, greater access to relevant files, and a more intuitive user interface. 
  • Enhancements to the customer experience. Clients can enjoy a UX that encourages interaction and helps move them down the sales funnel. 
  • Scalability options built around your business. Customizations enable bespoke efficiencies and tinkering, allowing you to inject more efficiency into staff workflows. 
  • Interventions that deal with specific business “pain points.” Customized IT solutions go beyond generic off-the-shelf software that might not fit your business’s operational requirements. Bespoke implementations maintain branding and improve customer satisfaction. 

Once these customizations are up and running, they can generate a competitive advantage over your rivals. Your service feels slicker, faster, and more complete, encouraging consumers to switch to you. 


Enhancing Security with IT Solutions

Enhanced security is also a benefit of hiring an IT solutions company. Professionals can evaluate your systems and tell you your vulnerabilities. 

Network solutions are a multi-faceted technology that uses numerous systems to defend your business against attack. The most common elements are antivirus software, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption. Firewalls monitor network activity and block unauthorized access while intrusion detection systems use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze networks for suspicious activity. 

Top IT solutions companies monitor networks manually, looking for anything that might constitute a breach. Response teams react when they see abnormal behavior originating from any terminal, inside and outside the company. 

Access control measures might be necessary in some cases. These only grant access to resources to staff when it’s vital for their job. Others may use segmentation technologies to break the network into separate zones, limiting the reach of any breaches that might occur. 

Encryption protocols like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) can also play a role. These technologies enable IT solutions providers to ensure you can send messages securely between staff, customers, and other stakeholders. 

McKinsey estimates cyberattacks will cost the economy $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Therefore, leveraging IT solutions’ security expertise is an economic imperative.


Access To Continued Support

Finally, working with an IT solutions company gives you access to expertise and ongoing support. External teams complement your in-house people, allowing you to access solutions you couldn’t develop alone. 

Because IT solutions companies have access to a broader selection of talented individuals, outfits can afford to hire specialists from multiple disciplines, giving them a more robust ability to protect your network and ensure uptime. Experts can address complex issues and implement sophisticated interventions between systems. 

Support is also ongoing. IT firms can monitor your network daily and provide technical assistance when needed. These services free up your staff’s time and let them focus on more important matters. Colleagues can refocus on long-term strategy instead of getting bogged down in day-to-day issues. 


How To Maximize ROI With IT Solutions

Now you know the benefits of IT solutions, the next task is maximizing value for money. That is, how do you get the most from working with a partner organization? 


Set Clear Goals

Start by setting clear goals for the IT solutions provider. Ensure they know what you expect and what they need to deliver if they work with you. 

Sometimes, effective partnerships require joint work. As such, you could allocate an in-house team member to work with the IT agency. 

Other times, you want a hands-off “done-for-you” approach. These require clearer goal-setting and reporting to ensure value for money. Don’t work with firms that refuse to commit to specific performance metrics (such as minimum uptime). 


Use A Flexible Partner

You also want an IT solutions company that’s flexible and scalable. The outfit should grow as you do, providing more services when required. 

Don’t choose any firm that can’t demonstrate an ability to adapt to your changing business needs. Some managed services will limit services, preventing you from thriving. 


Insist On Regular Reviews

Always insist on regular reviews. These let you identify areas where you can improve. They also allow you to suggest new ideas to improve the network further. You can pass feedback on to the IT solutions provider and get them to implement remedies on your behalf. 

Wrapping Up

Hiring an IT solutions company offers multiple benefits, including allowing you to scale your business faster, resist hackers, and future-proof your business strategy. However, maximizing your ROI requires choosing your partner carefully. Look for an outfit offering flexibility, transparency, and regular reviews, showing your progress. 

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